The File Converter Pro has both a SOAP and a REST web service interface. For quick and easy integration into your applications ready components and sample programs with source code are available. Developers can integrate the FCPro server via the following interfaces: Command Line call HotFolder, .NET / C # component, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Android, REST, SOAP.

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.NET / C# - WCF Service SOAP Sample – Application incl. Source Code (free)

The client application is included in FCPro setup and is installed with the FileConverterPro server. Thus, all via SOAP web service available functions can be tested. This test and example application is available as a complete Visual Studio project as source code and can be used as a basis for your own applications and integrations.
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Download C# SOAP WebService Sample

CommandLine Tool (free)

Sometimes Command Line calls from scripts or batch files are the quickest and easiest way of integration. The FCPro-CL tool you can convert documents or entire folder structures via command line call to PDF or PDF / A. The command line application can be installed either locally on the server or on any FCPro remote computers. The communication with the server is done via HTTP / HTTPS.
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Download FileConverterPro Commandline

FileConverterPro – Java REST Library Version 1.1 (free)

The File Converter Pro PHP Library allows to integrate the REST service-based document and OCR processing of FileConverterPro server in your own PHP web applications.
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Download Java FCproClient Version 1.1
Download Java Testprogram

Node.js - JavaScript am Server (free)

Node.js allows pure JavaScript-based server applications to program and is a modern alternative to traditional scripting languages like eg PHP for web server applications. Our FileConverterPro online test page was realized with Node.js.
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FileConverterPro Node.js Library

Java & JavaScipt – REST Library (free)

To use the FileConverterPro Server from Java or JavaScript, We provide an “all-in-one” version of a client JAR which contains all necessary third-party libraries.
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Download FileConverterPro Client JAR
Download FileConverterPro – sample.js

Android - REST Library (free)

The functions for the REST communication with the server FCPro app was encapsulated in the development of our Andriod as a separate component. This component is also available for developers.
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Download Android REST Library


Documentation - FCPro – Java REST Library V1.1

Online documentation of all available REST function calls of File Converter Pro Server
JavaDoc API Documentation

Documentation - REST Web-Service Interface

Online documentation of all available REST function calls of File Converter Pro Server
Dokumentation – REST Web-Service


EMail Archiver - MS-Outlook Plugin

The Email Archiver is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2010 / 2013. Direct from MS-Outlook Single, multiple, selected emails or entire email folders can be converted to PDF or PDF / A.
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